Monday, May 9, 2011

"I Do"

"Do you, Erika Nossokoff, accept this position to be the one for you, inspired by God, until death do you part?"

"I do...wait! I don't know about the death part..."

So, my husband Mark is pleased to announce that his wife will be the new U.S. Coordinator for Faith Alive-Nigeria. You may now...well...clap for her. And pray for her, too, as she'll need God's strength and power to do the role well, a role that Sally Barlow has done wonderfully for about a decade.

Enough of the formality. Let's eat some cake and share a toast!

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  1. Sally asked for me to post this comment: "Very creative acceptance of your new position. Thank you so much for being willing to become the U.S. Coordinator for Faith Alive. You've been doing many parts of the "job" beautifully for awhile and I am delighted to pass the full mantle to you. It's been a life-changing experience for me with continual rewards and wonderful new friends and faith. Gratefully, Sally Barlow"

    Sorry, readers, that it's not easy to post on this Blogspot format. Maybe someday I'll have the time move to a Wordpress blog format that's supposedly much easier to accept comments.