Friday, January 22, 2010

Who Has Enough?

Every day I call a few Nigerian friends to see if they are okay, give them encouragement, and pray for them. Today I asked one of them if she had enough food, knowing that they keep very little in their house. She replied "Who has enough? We were not prepared for this. The banks are closed so we cannot get our money to buy more food. We need to find a borehole to get more water."

Another friend, however, was on her way to the bank with her ATM card. I don’t know if she was successful getting the money she wants.

Many people are migrating out of Jos, back to their villages. Not all can, though, if they don’t have money for transport (taxis or buses) or fuel for their cars. How long they’ll be gone remains to be seen.

HIV/AIDS patients whose twice-daily medication supply is out are mostly out of luck if they cannot reach the clinic, which is obviously not fully operational.

A Faith Alive staff person whose home burnt is looking for her missing son, who may be hiding somewhere, may have escaped out of town, or worse.

A friend whose baby was due January 11 prays that the delivery not be too soon.

Drs. Chris and Mercy are taking care of as many people (Christians and Muslims) as they can; Mercy’s surgical skills have been useful as she has treated a few people with gunshot wounds.

My friends say they no longer hear gunshots. The Nigerian military is patrolling in Jos, at the command of the Vice President (since the President is still absent). Some news agencies report that the violence has spread to outlying areas.

Please pray not only for peace and protection, but food, water, and encouragement. May they pass through this to tell stories of how God has been at work amidst this crisis.

(Photos from BBC website)

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