Thursday, January 14, 2010

Visiting Prison

Picture a prisoner in chains singing passionate praises to God, and maybe you’ll understand why Pastor Esther feels called to prison ministry. On December 27 she led Faith Alive’s Praise Team to sing, preach, and fellowship with about 100 men at a prison. As a result, six of them gave their lives to Christ. Pastor Esther and the team of 12 then visited with the three women prisoners before going home, filled with a deep joy and satisfaction.

The prison currently has about 400 inmates, and lets both Catholic and Protestant groups visit. If Dr. Chris thinks it’s safe, I’d like to go with the Praise Team the next time I’m there.

By the way, please pray for Pastor Esther as she’s recovering from malaria. She has a mosquito net over her bed, so must’ve gotten bitten somewhere else. The rest and medications are working and she plans to be back at work today.

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