Sunday, January 17, 2010

6 pm to 6 am Curfew After Violence Erupts in Jos

"Violence again erupts in Jos, Plateau State capital in the North Central region of Nigeria on January 17, leading to looting and burning of houses, maiming and killing many and dislocation of hundreds of people from their homes.

"No fewer than 20 persons were killed in the crisis and five others also seriously wounded, and this pitted the Muslims against their Christian neighbors.

"Narrating the incident that occurred in the early hours of Sunday, Plateau State Commissioner of Police Greg Anyanting said there was a breach of peace by some Muslim youths who attacked people at their worship centers in saint Michael Catholic Church and Baptist church both in Nasarawa area of Jos." (Channel TV News online, January 17, 2010)

I plan to follow this closely and report what I learn. Please pray for the city of Jos.

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