Friday, December 11, 2009


I’m thinking about dogs, mostly because my beloved 12 year old cockapoo is in her final days. Of course it’s VERY sad, but comforting to know that soon she won’t be in any pain.

Americans have the luxury of treating our pets like children: taking them to the vet regularly, buying healthy food and snacks, brushing their teeth (if we remember!), grooming them, and giving them cozy beds (which might be our own!). Our dogs are no exception – they even give and receive gifts at Christmas!

Dogs in Nigeria have different purposes. While some (mostly people in or from villages) prefer to eat them (including my Save-A-Life patient), dogs are usually most useful as guards. A large one named King lives in the guesthouse compound. His owner lets him out at night to roam the compound and shred everything that might be inadvertently left on the ground. During the day King circles the inside of his dog cage out back and our cook Baba says “He wants out.”

(Photos taken by Cindy Frost. You have to look closely for the dogs.)

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  1. I found the dogs by double clicking the photos.