Saturday, December 19, 2009

Children's Christmas Party

I am SO very glad to hear that Faith Alive hosted a fun-filled party for about 300 children this morning at the rec center!!! According to Pastor Esther, each child received a pencil and book from Father Christmas, and everyone enjoyed cake and juice. (Yes, little Chris was there to partake of the juice!) This is extra good news to me; earlier this week I talked with a few Nigerian friends and they told me they might not have enough money to buy or make cake for their children this year.

The party included a dancing competition and some people dressed like Shrek and other characters. Some of the smaller children were frightened, but that doesn't surprise me. There's one little boy that shrieks and runs every time he sees ME!

I'll post photos if and when I get some, so that we can SEE the children's smiles. :-)

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