Monday, July 11, 2011

Nigerian Physicians in the Americas

What does a white American woman writer in the non-profit world do at a conference for Nigerian physicians in the Americas (ANPA)? She listens attentively to a few lectures, but mostly meets and talks about Faith Alive with medical professionals in the hallways and during breaks.

One of ANPA’s missions is: “To encourage the development of practical solutions to Nigerian health care problems through strategic initiative and field activities inside Nigeria.” What a wonderful match with Faith Alive--a successful model of holistic healthcare delivery in Nigeria, started by a Nigerian, run by Nigerians and serving Nigerians. By God’s grace, this networking is the beginning of some meaningful relationships that will benefit Faith Alive and the Nigerian physicians living on this continent who want to support the people in their ancestral homeland.


  1. Hi Erika, it was really nice meeting u at the conference, I hope to make a trip to Nigeria either this year or next and would be looking forward to helping out at Faith Alive! Your blog has definitely inspired me even more!


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