Monday, July 25, 2011

Dr. Art

Yesterday I had the honor of sharing a meal with Dr. Arthur Ammann, President of Global Strategies for HIV Prevention. His professional bio is lengthy and includes describing, in 1982, the first cases of transmission of AIDS from mother to infant and the first blood transfusion AIDS patients. He’s received many awards including the United States Surgeon General Award for Research and the United States Public Health Service Fellowship Award. However, he holds highest esteem for me because his visit to Faith Alive in Jos, Nigeria about six years ago to train birth attendants in PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV) grafted him as part of the extended Faith Alive Family.

Even though Global Strategies is focusing their current efforts on Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, I invited Dr. Art to visit Faith Alive again. Maybe he’ll take me up on this offer because he said something like, “I need my Chris and Mercy fix.” Dr. Art holds both Dr. Chris Isichei and his surgeon wife Dr. Mercy in highest regard—quite a compliment from an expert in HIV with extensive exposure to healthcare, good and bad, in Africa. I can relate to his pull toward some of the best living examples of Christ on earth healing God’s beloved children holistically.

Cheers for the ongoing and mutually-beneficial relationship between Dr. Art and Faith Alive!

(Click here to watch a powerful short video about PMTCT.)

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