Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Teen Mom Thanks Faith Alive Hospital

Dr. Chris Isichei, Founder and Coordinator of the Faith Alive hospital in Jos, Nigeria, shares this letter with us. 

My appreciation to Faith Alive Foundation. Firstly my appreciation goes to almighty God and also Faith Alive Foundation for what they have done for me.

Faith Alive has done so much for me: the accommodation, my computer school, through my antenatal time and also telling me the word of God through my discipleship class. Faith Alive is indeed a place where God himself is at work.

I really appreciate all the staff of Faith Alive for their care, love, and kindness. May God bless and bless you all. In Jesus, amen.

Thanks to partners like you, this lovely young woman has been living in Faith Alive’s transitional housing, attending skills-acquisition school, and receiving prenatal care for her child. Let’s see what God will do in their lives…

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