Monday, June 11, 2012

Double Destruction

The air reeked of smoke near both my Colorado and Nigerian homes yesterday. Continued attacks on Christian churches in Jos, Nigeria have become an unfortunate reality. The latest suicide bomber drove past security checkpoints before taking and injuring innocent worshippers. I haven’t heard if anyone from the Faith Alive Hospital was directly affected. Ah, the destruction caused by people.

It’s also becoming a scary reality to look west of Fort Collins, Colorado and see a plume of dark orange and brown smoke drifting away from the High Park fire. I can’t complain about sweeping ash off my back deck because thousands of people in the foothills have been forced to evacuate their property as many homes and structures in the fire’s path burn to the ground. Ah, the destruction caused by nature.

Please keep both places and people in your prayers.

On another note, thanks to everyone who donated to or purchased items from Saturday’s annual Faith Alive garage sale.

(Top photo of Jos, Nigeria. Bottom photo, the High Park fire, taken from my house.)

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