Monday, January 16, 2012

Bakin-Kogi and Kafanchan Updates

Dr. Christian Isichei, Faith Alive’s Founder and Coordinator, shares great news about two of Faith Alive’s rural satellite sites: Bakin-Kogi (Bock-in-ko-gee) and Kafanchan (cough-en-chan).

“Happy New year—a year when we shall, like Paul, resolve to do nothing more than see Him crucified and known to us more and also to others.

“I want to sincerely thank you and many other brethren for the various ways you have supported us. The current challenges in our country are viewed as surmountable because of people like you who are out there praying and being part of the Faith Alive family in many ways. THANK YOU.

“I wish to inform you--with gratitude to God and to you all that He has used—that we have been able to sink a good well as water source connected to the (Bakin-Kogi) clinic and now commenced 24 hour services at Bakin-Kogi. We have closed the Kafanchan Clinic and converted it to Chaplaincy & Social Services center with sewing and knitting and discipleship incorporated for a start.

“God bless you all. Dr. Chris”

(Photo taken by Frank Lozano in 2009. Children in the picture are from the area; standing next to the sign does not in any way mean that we know their HIV status.)

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