Monday, October 10, 2011

Business Centers

I’ll bet that most people in the United States have been to FedEx (formerly Kinko’s) to copy, print, pack or ship something. But Americans probably don’t know that kinky-haired Paul Orfalea (hence the name Kinko’s) founded the company in 1970 with a single sidewalk copy machine in a California college community. If Wikipedia is correct, the company now has 1,800 sites and makes over $2 billion in revenue.

On a smaller scale, First Presbyterian Church in Fort Collins, CO donated start-up costs for Faith Alive’s new Business Center. Like Kinko’s, it will offer copying and printing (but leave packing and shipping to DHL). And the copy machine will not be on a sidewalk (even if there were one); it will be in a storefront near the clinic.

With a vision to become self-sustaining and profitable, one day, God-willing, we will read the Business Center’s success story. Only I doubt the article will describe Dr. Chris’s hair style.

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  1. Cute. Not quite a Steve Jobs, but getting there!