Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Cover Finalized

How do you adequately capture the essence of the Faith Alive Hospital in Jos, Nigeria? Designer (and Faith Alive family member) Chris Harper and I faced that challenge last week. We needed a top-quality book cover design that glorified God, honored Faith Alive and inspired people to read the inspiring true stories about Dr. Chris Isichei and some of the many people whose lives he has touched. Chris Harper (aka "white Jesus") and I exchanged many emails and phone calls before deciding on the cover that you see above. Well done, Chris!

Watch for the book to be released in print and ebook format, God-willing, on December 1, 2012--World AIDS Day--and just in time for Christmas gifts that make a difference. 100% of the profit from book sales will go to Faith Alive Foundation-Nigeria.. I'm working on a way to take pre-orders and will let you know when that's up and running.

Chris Harper is available for hire (and highly recommended!) for production, editing and design.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Soccer and Bombs

Soccer and bombs should not go together, but one has unfortunately affected the other. Faith Alive leads a  youth soccer team for guys to provide exercise, experience at tournaments, and education about HIV prevention. This month, the team competed in a tournament and did well (I think one tie and two wins).  

All was well until a suicide bomber targeted a local church attended by the team coach's family. His parents and other family members were badly injured and one remains in the hospital. If the coach had not been at the tournament, he would likely also be a hospital patient, or worse.

Please keep the coach's family, the team, and all of Jos in your prayers for healing and peace. May God grant victory against the enemy's competition for Nigeria.

(Photo by Frank Lozano of Faith Alive's soccer team a few years ago with another coach.) 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Double Destruction

The air reeked of smoke near both my Colorado and Nigerian homes yesterday. Continued attacks on Christian churches in Jos, Nigeria have become an unfortunate reality. The latest suicide bomber drove past security checkpoints before taking and injuring innocent worshippers. I haven’t heard if anyone from the Faith Alive Hospital was directly affected. Ah, the destruction caused by people.

It’s also becoming a scary reality to look west of Fort Collins, Colorado and see a plume of dark orange and brown smoke drifting away from the High Park fire. I can’t complain about sweeping ash off my back deck because thousands of people in the foothills have been forced to evacuate their property as many homes and structures in the fire’s path burn to the ground. Ah, the destruction caused by nature.

Please keep both places and people in your prayers.

On another note, thanks to everyone who donated to or purchased items from Saturday’s annual Faith Alive garage sale.

(Top photo of Jos, Nigeria. Bottom photo, the High Park fire, taken from my house.)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Treasure

Twas the day before the sale, and all through the house, the sellers were stirring, including their dogs... Okay, that's a pretty lame play on "Twas the Night Before Christmas," but I will say, "Happy garage sale to all, and to all a good bargain."

We have bargains galore, including today's treasure: HUNDREDS of children's books, all for less than $1 (and many below .50 cents). An Elim Elementary School supporter (who's also a school teacher) donated the books, so the book profit will go toward Elim, run by Kate Clement, one of Faith Alive's longtime volunteers.

We're also selling a twin-sized mattress (like new--always had a plastic protector), stationery bicycle, vacuum cleaner, like-new black office chair, children's furniture, lamps, rugs, dog crate, trendy office file carriers, books, brand new (unopened) Waterpik shower heads, and much more. All items (except the children's books) at this annual Faith Alive garage sale will benefit Faith Alive's brothel renovation/re-purposing project. Scroll down to other posts this week to learn more.

However, we don't have nearly as much stuff to sell as in past years, so please, please, please, it's not too late to donate good-quality items (no clothes please). You can leave them on my front porch any time today.

Garage sale: tomorrow, 8 am - noon, 5400 White Willow Drive, Fort Collins, CO. If you don't find what you're looking for at our sale, shop the entire neighborhood--dozens of garage sales tomorrow.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garage Sale: Thursday's Treasure

Dreaming of a pink and white bedroom set for your daughter? Shop at the Faith Alive annual garage sale this Saturday (8 am - noon, 5400 White Willow Drive in Fort Collins, Colorado) for a charming pink child's desk, pink and white lamps, and white framed bulletin board and accessories. Use this Pottery Barn photo as an inspiration to transform your daughter's room into a space she'll love to do her homework. Well, I can't guarantee the last part, but I can give you a bargain on some great stuff.

All profit from the sale benefits brothel renovation/re-purposing in Jos, Nigeria. Be part of a global difference in human lives.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Garage Sale: Wednesday's Treasures

Whether you have a small child or a large dog, come on over to the annual Faith Alive garage sale this Saturday morning (5400 White Willow Drive, Fort Collins, 8 am - noon). Our In-Step baby jogger and Pet Porter dog crate are both in great condition and looking for new owners. I haven't set the prices yet, but you can guarantee that they'll be too good to pass up.

All garage sale profit goes to "re-purposing" a brothel in Jos, Nigeria. For those unfamiliar with the term, it means what it sounds like--taking something originally meant for one purpose (commercial sex trade) and transforming it for another purpose (state-of-the-art teaching hospital). Of course it'll take more than garage sales to reach our goal, but every little bit helps.

If you're interested in learning more about the brothel project and how you can make a difference, come to First Presbyterian Church in Fort Collins, Colorado on Sunday, July 15 from 6-8 pm for an evening with our world-renowned Nigerian doctor.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garage Sale: Tuesday's Treasure

As promised, today's post features a great gift for dads. Heck, it's a great gift for moms and grads and anyone else who loves a massage cleanse in the shower. I specifically mention dads because American Father's Day is right around the corner (June 17). Whomever you're gifting--even yourself--be sure to check out over a dozen of these brand new shower heads at the annual Faith Alive garage sale this Saturday, July 9 from 8 am - noon at 5400 White Willow Drive.

We've offered Waterpik shower heads at the past few garage sales. They go like hotcakes and are the single best seller.

Check in tomorrow for Wednesday's Treasure.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Garage Sale: Today's Treasure

Wait no more. It's time for the annual Faith Alive garage sale where people take seriously the wisdom that someone's trash is someone else's treasure. If you're in the northern Colorado area, please go through your closets, drawers and garages for things in good shape (no clothes or outdated tech things) that you no longer want or need and bring them to my house before Friday evening.

Nothing to donate? No problem. Shop this Saturday, June 9 from 8 am - noon at 5400 White Willow Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado. Each day this week, I'll highlight some of the valuables that have never been considered trash.

Today's treasure is Peace in Our Lifetime: Insights from the World's Peacemakers by local, internationally-recognized author Susan Skog. She's graciously donating multiple copies that are especially loved by teachers who use the book as a teaching tool for conflict-resolution. I bought a copy  for personal use after my trip to Israel and the West Bank. Reading the description below makes me want to take a few copies to Jos, Nigeria, where extremists are trying to divide the country.

"Through the lives and lessons of 50 exceptional peacemakers working in war zones, high-conflict organizations and neighborhoods, 'Peace in Our Lifetime' shows how we create peace, personally and globally. Through rich, compelling stories, this book describes how we can each channel our anger for positive change and listen compassionately. It explores how we can get to the root of our conflicts, find common ground, and forgive even our 'enemies.'"

Check in tomorrow to see the perfect Father's Day gift for sale this Saturday.

Oops, I almost forgot the best part--100% of the profit goes to Faith Alive Hospital in Jos, Nigeria for brothel renovation.